Practice Area - Family Law

DIVORCE: Whether you are involved in an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce, there are critical decisions that must be made. You will receive counsel on making these important decisions, financial and otherwise, that have long term effects.

ALIMONY: Alimony is not automatic in any Divorce but can be a critical part of a client's financial future. Careful consideration of the alimony factors the Court will consider is vital in your divorce. Alimony may also be a consideration post divorce.

CHILD CUSTODY: Legal custody deals with making major life decisions for a child such as education, religion and medical treatment. Physical custody relates more to where the child will reside. Legal and physical custody may be awarded to one parent or awarded to both parents jointly. An appropriate parenting plan is key to a well adjusted child. We try to no longer refer to the term "visitation" as it connotes the non-custodial parent as a mere visitor in his or her child's life. To the contrary, the time the each parent spends with the child is vital to an child's physical and emotional well being.

PATERNITY: When it is important for unmarried parents to establish paternity, there are rights and responsibilities that go along with it. A parenting plan that involves both parties can be essential to a child's welfare. Child support and healthcare are a child's right.

CHILD SUPPORT: The child support guidelines are used by the Court, whether parents are married or not, in ordering temporary, permanent or final orders for current child support, in deciding whether to approve agreements for child support, and in deciding cases when parties are asking the Court to modify an existing order. Credit can be given for daycare expenses and healthcare costs. The guidelines help us determine the amount of child support that is appropriate considering the income of the parties.

MODIFICATIONS: When there is a material change in life circumstances the law may allow an individual to request a modification of a prior Court order. Child support, parenting plans, alimony and orders for health insurance may require a change based on your or the other parties' life circumstances.

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Power of Attorney
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