Bankruptcy Law

Summers Law Office is a Bankruptcy firm in the Franklin, MA area. We will manage your case with fair and professional legal representation from the very first meeting. Our 26 years of experience in Bankruptcy Law has given us a thorough understanding of debt and collection situations. Whether you or your family needs to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, for both businesses and individuals, or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, we will be here to listen, answer your questions, help and never judge. Businesses needing to reorganize can file a Chapter 11, stop litigation and concentrate on business.

  • »» Have you received a foreclosure notice, or are you getting calls from collection agencies?
  • »» Are you afraid you need to start to dip into your retirement account to get yourself back on track?
  • »» Are you behind on all your bills and missing mortgage payments?
  • »» Are you inundated with lawsuits and need some breathing room?

Family Law

We help clients face the challenges involved in divorce, post-divorce matters, child custody matters, parenting plans, child support, paternity and other family arrangements. We believe that most often decisions about a family should stay within the family. Attorney LeBleu will empower you to decide what is best under your specific situation. Attorney LeBleu is not only an experienced family law attorney, but she is also a Certified Mediator who can facilitate resolution of all family needs. Families are like fingerprints, there are no two that are exactly alike. Every client is treated with the dignity and respect their uniqueness deserves.